Bodysnatcher - Bleed-Abide Galaxy Vinyl – MNRK Heavy UK
Bodysnatcher Bleed-Abide UK Merch Orange Grey Vinyl LP

Bodysnatcher - Bleed-Abide Galaxy Vinyl

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Bodysnatcher - Bleed-Abide
Galaxy Vinyl

Single 12" 180g LP pressed orange and grey galaxy vinyl.

Release Date: April 22, 2022

1) Bleed
2) Abide
3) Absolved Of The Strings And Stone
4) Smashed Perception
5) Flatline
6) Glass Prison
7) Value Through Suffering
8) Chaos
9) E.D.A.
10) Wired For Destruction
11) Hollow Shell
12) Behind The Crowd
13) The Question

Bleed-Abide, the Melbourne, Florida quartet’s third album, crackles with rage and power. As seen on tour with Chelsea Grin, Lorna Shore, and Slaughter To Prevail, and in a series of increasingly packed, sweaty, and electrifying club shows, Bodysnatcher music, lyrics, and imagery already inspired several tattoos and proven transformative to deeply connected listeners.

Bleed-Abide is the darkest offering yet from Bodysnatcher, burning with an intensity derived from a further focus on sonic pummeling and truth-telling narratives. Medina says. “The musicianship is more mature; there are still a lot of breakdowns but done in a much smarter way.

It’s definitely still Bodysnatcher. It’s like Bodysnatcher on steroids.”

-Officially Licensed UK Bodysnatcher Merchandise

Due to extreme global delays in vinyl manufacturing, the anticipated ship date for this product is SUMMER 2022.