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Find Out Milky Clear Vinyl LP

Find Out Milky Clear Vinyl LP

Filth Is Eternal
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Filth Is Eternal - Find Out (Pre-Order) Milky Clear Vinyl LP



1. Half Wrong

2. Crawlspace

3. Magnetic Point

4. Cherish

5. Roll Critical

6. Curious Thing

7. Into The Curve

8. Pressure Me

9. Body Void

10. The Gate

11. Signal Decay

12. All Mother

13. Last Exit

14. Loveless


Introducing "Find Out" by Filth Is Eternal - the thrilling debut album from the Seattle-based 4-piece band. Pre-order now to receive this new collection of hard-hitting tracks and take your listening experience to the next level. All produced by industry legend Paul Fig (System Of A Down, Slipknot, AFI, Alice In Chains) at legendary Dave Grohl's Studio 606. Hear Filth Is Eternal's distinctive sound on the MNRK Heavy Roster.


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