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INVICTUS - UNSTOPPABLE Ghostly Vinyl (Pre-Order)

INVICTUS - UNSTOPPABLE Ghostly Vinyl (Pre-Order)

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Splatter Vinyl LP

Single 12" 180g LP pressed on black ice ghostly splatter.

Release Date: September 23, 2022

1) You Will Know Who I Am
2) Eagles
3) Bleed Me Out
4) Exiled
5) Get Up
6) Weaponized
7) 3656
8) Ghost Of My Father

9) Darkest Of Enemies

10) American Outcast 

11) Keeping The Wolves At Bay

When Maurizio Iacono announced INVICTUS, a fan on social media responded with an enthusiastic, “Maurizio, you’re unstoppable.” And Unstoppable became the singer’s album title.  

Iacono delivers dynamic new layers of heaviness and melody with his latest creative vehicle. “I’ve explored many facets of the music business, from performing, writing, and producing to managing,” he explains. “But I’d never explored that deep down energy inside my thoughts which drives me to compete and, in many ways, survive everything thrown at me.” 

The 11 songs which comprise Unstoppable, INVICTUS’ debut for MNRK Heavy, offer an unflinching view of an unbreakable spirit, examined through the lens of ambitious, unapologetic heavy music.

-Officially Licensed INVICTUS Merchandise

Please Note, this item is PRE-ORDER ITEM! 

Due to extreme global delays in manufacturing, the street date for this release has been moved to October 21, 2022 and the anticipated ship date for this product is FALL 2022.