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Fatal Horizons Clear Smoke Vinyl

Fatal Horizons Clear Smoke Vinyl

Rhythm Of Fear
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Rhythm Of Fear - Fatal Horizons
Clear Smoke Vinyl

Single 12" 180g LP pressed on clear smoke vinyl. 

Limited to 600 worldwide.

Release Date: October 14, 2022


1) Obsolescence 

2) Alien Synthesis

3) Disintegration Of Reality

4) Fatal Horizons

5) Atrocities Beyond The Structures Of The Mind

6) Parasomniac

7) Insidious System

8) Self Destructive Brain

9) Dissolution Of Time In Space

10) Simulated Times

11) Tears Of Ecstasy 

12) Oath Made In Hell

13) Ceremony Of Sacrifice

Rhythm Of Fear worship at the altar of thrash metal and crossover. Summoned from the sadistic swamps of Jacksonville, in the heavy metal-rich soil of the state of Florida, the masters of gargantuan groove conjure a reverence for the form unrivaled by their peers.

Richly thematic and devilishly accessible in equal measure, Fatal Horizons leaps forward creatively, symbolized by the sci-fi/horror artwork from Mario Lopez (Toxik, Skeletal Remains, Evil Invaders).

-Officially Licensed Rhythm Of Fear Merchandise