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Great American Ghost - Torture World Orange Splatter LP

Great American Ghost - Torture World Orange Splatter LP

Great American Ghost
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Great American Ghost - Torture World
Clear with Orange Splatter Vinyl

Release Date: January 20, 2022

12" 180g Single vinyl pressed on clear with orange splatter. Limited to 1000 copies, only available through MNRK Heavy.

1) Kingmaker
2) Torture World
3) Womb
4) Death Forgives No One

GREAT AMERICAN GHOST directs old-school hardcore wrath at hypocrisy, apathy, and self-loathing, delivered in a dark cloud of relentlessly bludgeoning riffs.  Torture World tackles several issues with urgency and passion, not the least of which is the struggle for equality and the resulting social unrest magnified in recent years.

"Torture World has a dual meaning. Some songs on the EP are extremely political, and there are some extremely personal songs," Harrison points out. "Both things bleed into each other." 

Please Note: All items are expected to ship by Late January 2022. 

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