The Chariot One Wing Vinyl | Limited Edition Orange Splatter – MNRK Heavy UK
The Chariot - One Wing - LP

The Chariot - One Wing - LP

The Chariot
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The Chariot - One Wing on Clear w/Orange Splatter Vinyl

Only available through the eOne Heavy store. Limited to 150 copies in the U.K.

For One Wing, the singer experimented with writing some of the lyrics while the band spent two weeks in Russia away from the comforts of home. Some of the lyrics were written in the studio, as well.

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"With our music [we often have] complicated beats or certain time signatures, a world that I don't even really understand," Scogin said. "With pop beats, you can finish out entire sentences, or even a whole thought and move on. Sometimes part of the challenge of being in a heavy band is, 'Ok, I have this thing I want to say, but how do I edit it with these weird time signatures that keep interrupting themselves, switching and flipping over?' After you do that long enough, in enough albums, I don't want to ever get to the point where I rehash something. So anything I can do to sort of slip my brain or write outside of the comforts of my house or the practice space, I will do."