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Vinyl, CD, Tape, Short Sleeve Tee, Hoody

Vinyl, CD, Tape, Short Sleeve Tee, Hoody

Cold Years
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Canary White & Grey Vinyl + Black Vinyl, Digipak CD, Clear Cassette, T-Shirt, Hoodie
Release Date: 22nd April, 2022
1) 32
2) Britain Is Dead
3) Goodbye To Misery
4) Headstone
5) Jane
6) Home
7) Never Coming Back
8) Wasting Away
9) Say Goodbye
10) Kicking and Screaming
11) Jack Knife
12) Control
Goodbye To Misery, the Scottish trio’s most ambitious record to date, expands on their “heart on the sleeve” punk rock to new realms creating an anthemic masterpiece.
Looking at the world with a “glass half full” mindset ‘Goodbye To Misery’ is born out of the want for a more positive future rather than the self-destruction of 2020’s ‘Paradise’.
“This record is us saying you can break away from those things that are bringing you down. It’s about standing up for yourself and not letting anybody tell you what you should or shouldn’t be doing. It’s a defiant statement.”

-Officially Licensed Cold Years Merchandise
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